Who We Are


DUSUNG group established in Qingdao since 2002, after 16 years in the field of the commercial refrigeration manufacture,we have 5 well-known commercial freezer brands-DUSUNG,KAICHUANG,BINHONG ZHONGKELVNENG, KCK. DUSUNG refrigeration is the biggest island freezer manufacturer in China. We have independent r&d institutions, 15% of the engineers have the doctoral and graduate degree. 3~5 new products/year, made more than 40,000 pcs commercial refrigerators in 2017. 8 series,53 categories, 239 kinds of product, for the supermarket, convenience store, fish market, ice cream and bakery shop... different food retail formats.


40000M² factory, 13pcs large metal equipments, 2 large laser cutting machine, 33sets foaming moulds, 11 sets of it are hydraulic mould, nine assembly lines, make full use of the 3 new product research and quality inspect laboratory, DUSUNG refrigeration get the ISO9001 ISO14001 quality system certification, we could offer the high quality product to client of all over the world.

Dusung Group was born in Qingdao 2002, since then it has opened a glorious chapter of DUSUNG REFRIGERATION. With 16 years of experience in commercial refrigeration market, Dusung has established 5 well-known brands-DUSUNG KaiChuang, Binghong, ZhongKelvNeng, KCK ,and 17 subsidiaries. Dusung Refrigeration is a high-tech enterprise with R&D, production, quality control, sales, and after-sales service for supermarket cold chain equipment ,we proud to be the biggest manufacturer of island freezer in China. Our mission is"RUN CENTURY-OLD DUSUNG,CREAT WORLD-CLASS BRAND” Dusung Refrigeration is pleased to present our independent R&D department, consisting of more than 15% doctoral students and graduate students, and more than 70% professional and technical workers.Our R&D department incorporates the advanced refrigeration technology of Europe, Italy and Japan with the unique product R&D model of Dusung Refrigeration, launching 3-5 new products every year.We are delighted to announce that our annual output of more than 40,000 large commercial refrigerators. Now Dusung has 8 product categories, 53 series, 239 basic product models,In fact, we have invested heavily in the creation of a 40,000 square meter single-unit specialized factory and 13 large-scale sheet metal equipment.To meet the individual needs of customers and the quality of shaped parts, we introduced two large-scale laser cutting machines. Dusung is equipped with 33 sets of large-scale molds, including 11 sets of hydraulic molds, and 9 sets of assembly lines.Makes full use of 3 large-scale R&D, quality inspection laboratories. abiding by our strict quality control standards,we successfully obtain ISO9001 QUALITY MANAGEMANT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION and ISO14001 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMANT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION. Our corporate culture of “GREAT VIRTUE INSIDE, SUPERIOR PRODUCT OUTPUT” With continued innovation and superior quality, we are determined to become a world-class supplier of cold chain equipment - "RUN CENTURY-OLD DUSUNG,CREAT WORLD-CLASS BRAND”


Qingdao Dusung Refrigeration CO.,LTD.

  • More than 89% client pleaced the order ,after they visited our factory in the past 2018.
  • 15 designers,bring 5 new products every year.
  • Thanks for 520 workers,to ensure the production and supplement.
  • With more than 17 years experience in commercial refrigeration,Dusung reach to the Top 3 of China.
  • QC following every production procedure,the warranty is one year for whole unit and three years for main parts


Qingdao Dusung Refrigeration CO.,LTD.